Monday, August 30, 2010

On the Fence

Think outside of the box when it comes to fences... if we're going to box ourselves in, let's do it with individuality!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A calm garden for a mid-century house

Looking for a low maintenance, calm, peaceful yard to highlight a low mid century house, we decided to rip up all the front lawn and put in a rock garden. We then made some custom rakes for raking patterns into the gravel, painted some concrete pavers red, built a planter for some horsetail, built a privacy screen in front of the gate, and put up a fence with frosted fiberglass screens (all, of course, while keeping a mid-century look to the property). It's simple, striking, and very effective.

Friday, August 20, 2010

1639 Broadview Drive, Glendale, CA

Unfortunately I don't have a before picture that shows the whole front lawn. Just know that it was a front lawn of St. Augustine grass. Nothing more. My whole idea here is that I was making a color field painting. It begins at the house with a few kangaroo paws and a transition to a blue-gray rock strip, followed by light green ground cover and dark green ground cover (with a little snake shape of pink Arizona flagstone). In front of that is a path of buff colored Mexican pebbles. Once the ground cover is grown in, it will be a color field painting with plantings in front of that stepping its way to the sidewalk with help of scalloped stone planting beds. Come see. It's way fun!

The story of the Artful Eye

The artful eye was born out of a desire to see good design, personality, and whimsy in mine and my neighbors front yards. Since we here in Southern California are under water-rationing, many people have taken out their lawns and had massive amounts of mulch brought in to surround their decomposed granite pathways. Not that I have anything against decomposed granite pathways and mulch-but there is so much more fun that we can have with our yards!
Think of your yard as pure design potential. You can have little private sitting areas, fun places to sit, play, and relax. You can have a vegetable or herb garden. You can have wondering paths with whimsical details. The point is your yard should reflect your sense of playfulness and wonder.

Rocks come in all shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. Decomposed granite even comes in a variety of colors. Salvage yards are full of possibilities in terms of architectural and garden detail. Why have the same landscape your neighbor has? It takes a little more planning and effort but your garden will thank you for it, as will your neighbors!

In this blog I will show you work I've done as well as things that I find interesting.
Hope you enjoy it.

Cindy Jackson, theArtfulEyeLandscape, 818-371-3046